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01 February 2024

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1. Who is this French Language Program course designed for?

The French Language Course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the French language skills and become an intermediate user of the language. Also, most students now a days pursue it specifically for becoming bilingual and apply in the French language stream for better immigration opportunities.

2. What does this course cover?

This course covers French Language foundation in A1 Level course which is of 36 hours. You can move to the second level, which is the A2 level which is the intermediate level. A2 level is an additional 36 hours of course. Similarly, you can increase proficiency level to intermediate by doing B1 and B2 level of course. 

3: What is the duration of the course?

The program has two different courses each will be completed in 6 weeks and in total 36 hours of training is provided. Starting firstly with A1 Level which is a French Foundation (beginners’ level) course which is of 36 hours [i.e. 6 weeks in total]. If you have previous experience using the language you can directly start an A2 level course which is of 36 hours [i.e. 6 weeks in total]. B1 and B2 which are intermediate level courses and are of 36 hours each.  

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4. Are there any personalized feedback and assessments provided?

Yes, it is important that each student gets personalized feedback for each module. Our tutors will provide in-depth analysis on where you would require to improve through practice lessons.

5. Are there any practice sessions and mock tests included?

Yes, there are going to be practice sessions for each module and also there is going to be a mock test at the end of each course.

6. Do I need any specific materials for the course?

All required learning materials and resources are provided within the course.

Refer to various Level of French Language courses offered by OptionTrain College:

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7. What kind of support will I receive during the course?

You will have access to the trainer who will provide you with different techniques and tips for each course and different sections of each course. 

8. How do I register for the course?

You can register through our online registration on the website by filling a simple form and someone from our team will connect with you to further complete your registration process.

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