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The Data Analysis with SAS Programming course at OptionTrain.com is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of data analysis using the SAS software. Module 1 introduces fundamental SAS concepts, data handling, and analysis with practical experience. Module 2 covers advanced topics like data validation, modeling, and automation with SAS Macros. The course integrates practical lab work and hands-on projects, offering students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real datasets, such as health-related data, breast cancer survival data, and marketing data. By the end of this course, students will be proficient in using SAS for data analysis and interpretation, making them well-prepared for a career in the field of data analytics.

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SAS Fundamentals

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Data Import/Export

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Statistical Analysis

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Data Cleaning

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Automation with Macros

Course Objectives

Master fundamental SAS programming concepts.

Learn data manipulation techniques.

Develop data cleaning skills.

Master hypothesis testing.

Apply knowledge to practical projects.

Gain proficiency in importing and exporting data.

Perform statistical analysis using SAS.

Advance to complex topics in data analysis.

Utilize SAS Macros for automation.

Prepare for a career in data analytics.

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

In the SAS Programming Data Analysis course at OptionTraining College, the student journey is a transformative experience. Beginning with fundamental concepts, students embark on a data analysis adventure in Module 1, where they explore SAS programming basics, data import/export, and manipulation. Hands-on exercises with real-world data refine their skills, enabling them to create subsets, clean data, and generate insightful reports. As they progress to Module 2, the journey reaches a higher level, diving into complex topics like data validation, hypothesis testing, and automation using SAS Macros. Along the way, students immerse themselves in practical lab work and hands-on projects, analyzing diverse datasets, from health-related information to marketing data. By the course's conclusion, students are well-prepared for the next step in their career, armed with a comprehensive understanding of SAS data analysis and interpretation, ready to make an impact in the dynamic field of data analytics.


SAS Programming Data Analysis” Course

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SAS Programming Data Analysis

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