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The Diploma in Records Management Technicians at OptionTrain.com is a comprehensive program tailored to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful career in records management. This diploma program covers a wide spectrum of subjects, including records management principles, proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite, records management using Primavera P6, SQL server database management, soft skills development, report writing, and data management utilizing SAS. The program also incorporates practical experience through a records management project. Graduates emerge well-prepared to excel in records management roles across various industries, with a strong foundation in both technical and soft skills.

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Records Management Skills

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MS Office Proficiency

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Primavera P6 Integration

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SQL Server Skills

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Soft Skills Development

Course Objectives

Master records management principles.

Use records management in Primavera P6.

Develop soft skills for effective communication.

Gain expertise in data management using SAS.

Improve data organization.

Excel with Microsoft Office.

Proficiency in SQL Server for DB management.

Enhance report writing skills.

Execute records management projects.

Ensure compliance.

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

The student journey within our Diploma program in Records Management Technicians is a transformative and dynamic experience. From day one, students embark on a specialized path that immerses them in the intricate world of records management. They become adept at mastering the Microsoft Office Suite for document handling and integrate records management practices seamlessly into Primavera P6. With SQL server proficiency, they excel in database management. Throughout the journey, students also focus on nurturing their soft skills and report writing abilities, ensuring effective communication in a professional setting. The skills and competencies acquired through this program will enhance efficiency and productivity, shield the organization from legal challenges, provide a reliable audit trail for transactions and events, preserve the institutional knowledge of the organization, facilitate the swift recovery of operations in case of emergencies, and guarantee the support of employee benefits through well-maintained personal records.


Diploma in Records Management Technicians” Course

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Diploma in Records Management Technicians

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