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At OptionTrain College, the 'Microsoft SQL Server' course offers a comprehensive journey into SQL Server's world. The program covers everything from installation to data manipulation using SQL's DML and DDL. Students master querying, data import/export, and advanced topics like stored procedures, triggers, utilizing built-in functions, and handling case-sensitive searches. Students gain proficiency in query optimization, data aggregation, sub-queries, and set operations, ultimately preparing them for real-world SQL Server applications through lab work and practical exercises.

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Data Manipulation

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Data Definition

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Joining Tables

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Query Building

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Import/Export Data

Course Objectives

Understand SQL Server fundamentals.

Create and manage SQL databases and tables.

Explore various SQL join techniques.

Efficiently import and export data.

Apply built-in SQL functions effectively.

Install and configure SQL Server.

Master SQL's DML commands for data manipulation.

Develop proficient query-writing skills.

Create and update stored procedures and triggers.

Aggregate and analyze data for insights.

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

At OptionTrain College, the student journey through the 'Microsoft SQL Server' course is a robust learning experience. Beginning with an introduction to SQL Server, students progress to hands-on installation and configuration. They delve into the creation of databases, tables, and sub-tables, setting the stage for data manipulation using SQL's DML and DDL. As the journey continues, students master SQL commands for data selection, modification, and deletion, along with understanding key concepts like joins, query optimization, and data import/export. Advanced topics, including stored procedures, triggers, and advanced query techniques, enrich their skill set. Throughout this journey, students engage in practical lab work to reinforce their learning, ensuring they are well-prepared to work with SQL Server in real-world scenarios.


Microsoft SQL Server” Course

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